Days Gone Game Dev Continues Its Expansion

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The Days Gone developer has expanded. [Image from PlayStation]

Days Gone might not have a release date, but it seems like the game’s developers are doing just fine. In fact, developer Bend Studios is getting even bigger thanks to the company’s new building in Crane Shed Commons. This is great news for one of Sony’s smaller companies, as it expands and potentially becomes something greater.

Bend Bulletin shared the news, pointing out that Sony wouldn’t comment on the company’s move for unknown reasons. Considering how the company went from 45 to over 100 people is really impressive and could impress fans. Whether this affects their upcoming game’s quality is a very different story, but anything is possible these days.

Bigger = Better?

Admittedly, the company getting a bigger building doesn’t ensure success for Days Gone, but it is a good move. If anything, it shows that Sony has faith in the company and want them to work hard on PS4 exclusives. Considering the amount of Sony exclusives that have taken the gaming community by storm, this is an understandable move.

This year alone, fans got three excellent games exclusive on PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and Persona 5. One could even argue that Nier Automata should be in that list, though it is also out on PC. With a new building to work on, it’s clear that Sony wants another game to do just as well as the other exclusives.

Making Days Gone

Now that the company has a bigger building, it seems like development on Days Gone could potentially move faster. Not much has been shared about the game, though a short, but sweet gameplay video was shown last year. Fans know that it’s another open-world zombie game, so it has plenty of competition from other games.

Still, that probably won’t bother fans that want a quality open-world zombie game, which this could potentially be. Games like State of Decay and Dying Light show that there’s still plenty of interest in this genre. Whether it can dethrone Sony’s juggernaut title The Last of Us is still unclear, especially since a sequel is on the way.

Days Gone currently has no release date or release window, so a 2017 release for the title doesn’t seem likely. In the meantime, fans have a number of other zombie games to enjoy while they wait. State of Decay 2 – a Microsoft exclusive – will have it’s release date announced during E3 2017, so fans can look forward to that.

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