Days Gone: What Fans Want

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Bend Studio?s upcoming zombie title, Days Gone, currently has the attention of fans worldwide. The world premiere of the title wowed audiences at E3 2016, and we’re pretty excited for more information in the months to come. The developer has already revealed some of the features in the game, and they?re impressive so far. However, there are still a few features that fans are going to look for in the upcoming game.

Base Building

Creating a base or safe house isn?t a staple feature in zombie games. In fact, State of Decay 2 might be one of the first titles to have an in-depth base builder. We’d like to see this feature in Days Gone as well. We?re thinking about base building similar to the one found in Fallout 4. Not only will it be a huge addition to the game, but it’ll also be fun to create our own safe haven from the Freaker apocalypse. The base builder should of course also include survivor and resource management.

Weapon Modding

Weapons will of course play a big part in the game. It’ll feel a bit boring if the weapons Deacon St. John is given isn?t customizable. It doesn?t have to be something as fully featured as Fallout 4, but we?re expecting to have a few upgrades to in-game weapons. An even better feature is to have players scour for supplies first before upgrading so that the survival theme is fully in play.

Diverse Open-World

The game won?t feature linear areas for players to explore. An open-world will be given to players instead. When it comes to the open-world in Days Gone, we’re hoping that Bend Studios will have a lot of biomes to explore. A huge open-world is useless if all of it is just a forest. There should be urbanized areas, mountains and even small towns for Deacon to explore in the game. It?ll make players alter their strategies depending on where they are.

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