Days Gone: What Fans Want To See At E3 2017

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Deacon St. John In Days Gone
Deacon St. John, the star of Days Gone [Image Courtesy Of Sony]

One of the most anticipated titles for E3 2017 is SIE Bend Studios’ new IP featuring yet another take on the zombie apocalypse genre. The developer has said before that the upcoming title is going to be present at E3 2017 in a big way but we’ve to know what they have in store for us with Days Gone.

When it was first revealed at Sony’s E3 2016 conference, Days Gone was easily one of the most impressive titles at the event. The gameplay footage for the game reveal what looks to be an impressive new zombie game and fans are very eager to see more of it. Sony Interactive America President Shawn Layden recently confirmed to Glixel that Days Gone will make an appearance. The game’s protagonist also teased that the game will be present at E3 2017 in a big way, and there are already a few things that fans want  from SIE Bend Studios and their new IP.

A Release Date

Up until now, we’ve yet to know when SIE Bend Studios is planning on launching the title. The developer isn’t keen on revealing how far they are into its development, making it hard to guess when we’ll get our hands on it. Fans are hoping that the developer will unveil the release date over at E3 and everyone is also hoping that it will come out soon.

A Look At The Open World

There’s very little we know about Days Gone and one of the things we do know about the title is that it will have an expansive open world. Aside from the open world, players will also experience a dynamic weather system that could either help or punish the game’s lead, Deacon St. John.

The area we’ve seen in the trailer may just be a very small percentage of what the developer is readying for the full experience. The open world could be the highlight of the game’s stint at E3 2017 and it’s something we should all look forward to as zombie games and open worlds are always a good mix. Most importantly, we’re looking forward to seeing just how big the open world is.

More Gameplay Features

Other things we know about Days Gone is that zombie hordes come in massive groups, the environment can be used as a way to kill Freakers and the game looks amazing. Deacon can also craft tools and weapons to help defend himself.

As E3 2016 showcased gameplay demos instead of revealing simple CGI trailers, it’s possible Sony will do the same this year. Additionally, Layden told TIME that they’ll focus on showcasing games than doing a lot of talking.  “The crowd will only have to suffer I think in aggregate 90 seconds of me,” he said. “And in the middle will be all the games.”

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