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Lee Yi is at the show! Follow me at

Before I even write anything else, one of the ways we can bring you to the show is to give you an opportunity to ask your most burning questions. Use the comments section of this post and I’ll try to answer your questions tonight in a post titled “What You Want to Know.”

What has me excited so far from Microsoft: Halo Reach . . . curiosity is driving me nuts.
What has me excited so far from Sony: As mentioned earlier, ModNation . . . wow!
What has me excited so far from Nintendo: Nothing really . . . Metroid: The Other M has me somewhat excited, but what’s Team Ninja without their Master Ninja? What is the other other M? Mario?

Other title I will definitely be checking out is Wet (formerly from Sierra). Perhaps we can get a 1v1 interview with Eliza Dushku.

UPDATE: I clearly was more ambitious than I was able to deliver. There was so much at E3 this year that I could not do the “What you Want to Know” post, but hopefully the other Bitbag boys will be able to hook you guys up with info some time this week.

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