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Daxter ? One of the Best PSP Games Ever Developed

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While Sony Entertainment?s first ever handheld gaming console has been replaced by its slimmer, shinier, and more technologically-advanced brother, the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is still one of the best gaming systems as of today. And with games like Daxter, one of the best PSP games ever developed, there is no doubt that this gaming console will continue to live on for more generations to come.

There are many reasons as to why Daxter is regarded by many as one of the best PSP games of all time. Let?s take a look with this quick overview.

In Daxter, Jak & Daxter games? chattier and much shorter partner has been given the chance to hog the spotlight on a gaming platform that is comparable to his size. Daxter here is a cosmic and comic exterminator. The game is well-tuned as it is definitely amusing.

The game has been loved by many, particularly those who are fans of the extremely popular Looney Tunes series. Jak’s sidekick is kind of insecure, similar to the world-renowned Daffy Duck. Daxter?s charm and the way that he was animated in impressive detail could well be aptly described as how people do Bugs or even Pepe Lepew.

Of course, there are still some who have not seen the great aspects of the PSP game. This is not recommended for those who love something much more bad-ass. In other words, gamers who expect high-octane action, blood, gore, and extreme adventure will be somewhat disappointed with how this game is played.

All in all though, Daxter is a well-developed game that has entertained and interested so many console players. While it has its not-so-good aspects, those who will not like the game can find others to play with. But for us, Jak?s shorter partner is deserving of his own platform.

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