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Dawn Of War 3: Multiplayer Mode To Be ?Robust? And ?Integral?; To Use Company Of Heroes’ Infrastructure

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Dawn of War 3

As Dawn of War 3 is coming in 2016, more details about the game have started to surface. The company revealed new details about the game and the game?s director spoke about the multiplayer mode in detail. Here are some new details the studio shared after the event during an interview.

The Dawn of War 3 multiplayer mode is an interesting thing to talk about. The game?s director Philippe Boulle revealed that the studio has built its own infrastructure for the game mode. Relic Entertainment is also working on the infrastructure they already have for Company of Heroes.

When asked about the Dawn of War 3 multiplayer mode, he told GameGrin?at Gamescom 2016 that the whole system of Company of Heroes will be in place. He said that the company wants the multiplayer mode to be an integral part of the game. The game?s story will support newcomers and those who haven?t played the franchise games. It will help the players sharpen their skills before they move into the multiplayer mode, he added. The Dawn of War 3 multiplayer mode is the place where players will be testing their skills, and Boulle said that the studio is supporting?fans who?want to get competitive in the multiplayer mode.

Dawn of War 3 release is scheduled to launch sometime in 2017. ?The game will?adopt?several elements from previous titles. The traditional RTS basebuilding from the original game is coming, and additionally, it will also include larger-scale walker units that include Gorkanauts for Orks, Imperial Knights for Space Marines and Wraithknights for Eldar, which are the initial races available in the game. The game will hit PC next year and will also feature a single player campaign mode.?For the latest news on video games, make sure to keep it right here on The BitBag.

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