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Dawn Of War 3 Gameplay: How Relic’s New Cover Mechanic Changes The Game

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Dawn Of War 3

The cover mechanics are returning to Dawn of War 3, game developer Relic has confirmed. The developer has simplified these mechanics so the squads can capture areas and resist more damage. The system now focuses more on delivering better counter play. Squads in a unit can resist ranged fire, but they can be quickly eliminated, making traversing easier.

Relic introduced the cover system in Dawn of War 2, and now the company is expanding the mechanic in the upcoming game. The cover system now looks inspired by one of the games called Company of Heroes. Traversing in the battlefield is now easier than the previous games. Units now get a clear role and play significant part in certain areas.

According to the Dawn of War 3 gameplay details shared by the developer, cover mechanics are simple and work more efficiently in the new game. When the player clicks on the cover, the troops will go behind and they also earn defensive bonus. The major thing here is the bonus will only be provided to the troops from the direction they are being protected. The troops won?t be eligible for any bonus coming from the side or behind the cover they select.

While many players are happy with the new simplified cover mechanic, some players are not happy with the changes. Players compare the fate of the Dawn of War 3 gameplay with Company of Heroes 2, saying that Relic may spoil the fun with the new changes.

Fans believe that the changes made by the developer have made the gameplay dull. Although the game has only cleared the testing stage, fans are worried about the changes coming in the gameplay mechanics. The release of the game is still far away, so there are chances that Relic Entertainment would listen to fans and implement the best possible changes in the upcoming Dawn of War 3 game.
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