Dawn Of War 3 Gameplay: New Super Ability, Super Heroes, And More Revealed At PC Gaming Show 2016

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Dawn Of War 3

Relic Entertainment and Sega are bringing Dawn of War 3 and the studio has just revealed some new gameplay details at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016. Game director Philippe Boulle showcased a gameplay footage for the first time. At the press conference, Relic revealed what Dawn of War 3 will be and after watching the footage, fans can be assured of exciting gameplay. The new and improved game is coming with familiar gameplay elements and it will feature space lasers as well.

According to Boulle, Dawn of War 3 will feature space lasers, which is a super ability for the space marines. The marines can drop this giant orbital laser and it can also be controlled on the field so the marines can accurately drop them on enemy squads. The bigger the space laser, the more damage it causes, Boule said added. He also revealed that the enemy can counter these attacks by changing their position, but whenever it hits the squad, it makes a huge area of effect.

Game Designer Brent Disbrow said that Dawn of War 3 is taking those proven gameplay mechanics from its predecessors and will feature new mechanics as well. Disbrow also revealed that they have crafted the campaign mode story that fans have been waiting for. The game will also include three special heroes representing unique abilities and actions as the players progress in the game.

The duo also revealed that the studio will release more Dawn of War 3 gameplay footages, which will reveal more details about the upcoming game. According to Boulle, the next footage will be release on Twitch on June 24.

The video revealed by the studio features a perfect mix of ?tactical base building and real time strategy. Based on the trailer video, it seems that the studio has strategically adopted the gameplay elements from their previous titles Dawn of War 1 and 2.

Relic Entertainment has not confirmed any specific details regarding the Dawn of War 3 release date, so it is better to wait for the upcoming video footages, which the company has promised to reveal in near future.

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