Dawn Of Titans Tips: How To Get Titans And Strengthen Them; Titan Class Differences

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There are a lot of titles that require the players to collect items and learn several tricks in order to become stronger and push through the game. Here?s some?Dawn of Titans tips to help you in the game.

As announced by Zynga, this 3D action-strategy game is now available for free on Google Play. Players can control both colossal titans and at the same time run their own army to conquer enemy territories.?Our?guide will focus on getting titans, their classes and how to strengthen them.

How to Get Titans and Relics

Relics are very important when it comes to building up your titans. Equipping a relic can drastically change the titan?s stats including his health, damage, armor and many more. You can equip more relics to your titan with every level it gains.

Players should be reminded that the easiest way they can get the relics and titans is by going to the ?Temple.? If you still want to get more of them, you can do so by doing these options.

First is to log in in the game daily for bonuses at the Altar of Wealth. By doing this, you can get a relic or a Titan each day. You can collect it in the Temple located at the right side of your castle.

Next option is by winning Campaign Battles. With each victory, you have a chance to get a titan or a relic in the dropped items.

If you are not a fan of long processes, you can go the easy way by purchasing the titans and relic packs at the in-game store. Each package will cost 1,000 and 4,000 gems, respectively. The upside of this is you can have a higher chance to get valuable titans and relics.

Titan Classes and Skills

Players need to understand their titans in order to properly control them. This includes knowing the titans? classes. The four major classes of titans include Human Titans (well-known for their humanistic feelings of loyalty, honor and courage), Unak Titans (fierce and ruthless fighters), Elithen Titans (speed and skill based fighters) and Mossman Titans (weapon wielding, stealth fighters).

There are also three subclasses of titans. These are Warriors who are skilled at melee attacks (Champions, Berserkers and Guardians), Rogues who are masters of stealth and long ranged attacks (Rangers, Assassins and Infiltrators) and Spell-Casters (Paladins, Sorcerers and Shamans).

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These are just the basics of titan 101 that this Dawn of Titans guide offers. For a complete rundown of how to handle titans, you can check out iDigitalTiimes.

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