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Still working on my new machine. I installed Vista Business and then planned on upgrading to Ultimate. Problem is, you have to buy the upgrade through MS. I don’t feel like torrenting it so instead I got the new Windows 7 64-bit release. I heard this RC rocks! People have been praising it and said it outperforms Vista and XP.

After installation tonight, Davis Daily madness begins. My other machine is powered down for now so I’m updating on my Vista Business build now. Why did I install Vista Business 32-bit? Because I grabbed it off the network for free. They had Enterprise in 64-bit but I didn’t want to install it. So I’m crippled with 3gb of memory available until tonight. However, this machine still runs at the speed of light. It’s simply amazing. I have yet to load a driver so I’m severly crippled but it still runs incredibly fast. Once W764 is installed, I’m sure I’ll see fire coming out of it.

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning right now. Catch me on twitter today at



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