Dave Bautista Slams Manny Pacquiao For His Homophobic Comment

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Guardians of Galaxy star Dave Bautista has joined growing list of celebrities who have slammed Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao for his controversial remarks on gay couples engaging in homosexual relations.

The former WWE superstar – who also happens to be Filipino called Pacquiao an “f**king idiot” over his anti gay stance. Pacquiao recently courted controversy for his views claiming that homosexual couples are “worse than animals,? as animals are better because they can distinguish between male and female.

?My opinion on that is he?s a f*****g idiot,? Dave told the TMZ when asked what his feelings were on Manny?s remarks. ?My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don?t f*****g take that sh*t. I don?t think it?s funny.?

?If anyone called my mother an animal I?d stick my foot in his ass,? he said in his continuous assault on the boxer.

The Filipino-American fighter, who escorted Pacquiao to the ring when he fought British boxer Ricky Hatton 2009, said he still appreciates Pacman’s talent as a boxer and wish him the best.

“You can’t go back on that one, there’s no coming back from that,? he said when asked if Pacquiao?s apology made a difference. “I still look up to him as a fighter. It’s just his personal views, you know, they’re just s–t. I don’t know where he’s even coming up with this garbage. It makes me respect him a lot less.”

The Filipino however chose to defend his position on gay issues saying he was bothered by such responses, reports Bleacher report.

“I’m not bothered, that’s the world,” Pacquiao told Edward Chaykovsky of BoxingScene.com, when asked about criticism from Johnson and Bautista. “I mean, Jesus lives in me so I’m always happy. Says the Bible, every day has enough troubles of its own, so don’t be bothered about that.?

Bautista remarks come close on heels of Nike?s decision to end its sponsorship of the eight-weight world champion. Manny had reacted disgustingly to that, sharing bible verses on his now deleted Instagram post that gays should be put to death.

The post read, ?If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own head. Leviticus 20:13.?

Additionally, the Philippine Catholic church on Sunday too defended Pacquiao for his opposition to gay marriage, saying he was just quoting the Bible. But Father Jerome Secillano added over radio station DZMM that Pacquiao should respect homosexuals and not judge and condemn them.

“This is really in the Bible,? ?said Secillano, executive secretary of the Catholic bishops’ public affairs office. ?There is this quote he (Pacquiao) uses from the Bible and we cannot change that.”

“The church… says that if this is your lifestyle, if this is your orientation, then we respect that, we cannot condemn them,” the priest added.

He reiterated that the Catholic church, which counts 80 percent of Filipinos as followers, still opposes legalisation of same-sex marriage.The church has also kept divorce and abortion from being legalised in the Philippines. However homosexuality is not criminalised in Philippines that has seen several LGBT figures become celebrities.


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