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Dating Wingman? Check Out these Free Apps.

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A wingman can help you land on a date, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect partner ? in ? crime. If all else fails, use your phone for help. Flirting is now possible with these apps to guide you with. If a wingman is not available, just bring your phone along and your night is saved. Here are some of the free apps that you can use on your attempt to find a date. These apps can teach you what to do and where to go.


OpenTable helps you make dinner reservations with its list of the best restaurants in town. You can search for a restaurant based on cuisine, location, rating and price. Once you have found a place, this app can help you make a special reservation for two. OpenTable is available for Android and iOS.


Spending a romantic moment with your date is just the first step. The next step is how to keep the mood throughout the night. Take out your phone and switch n Moodagent. It has a compilation of songs, where you can choose which one fits the tone of the evening. This app is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Instant Wingman

The name speaks for itself. The Instant Wingman app is most applicable when you spot the right girl in the room. If you are left without a word to say, switch on this app and answer questions about your current location and who the girl is with. Your answers will be used to gauge your chances and give you tips on how to approach her. This app is available only for iOS.


Drync is best for those who would prefer wine over cocktails. This wine ? centric app allows you to take a snap shot of a wine label and helps you determine what specific wine it is. Another great feature here is that you can order bottles straight from the app. The Drync app is available for Android and iOS.

Well, here you go. These apps will definitely make your night memorable with the perfect date and the right mood, even without an actual wingman.

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