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Dating App FarmersMatch Makes Dating Easier For Country Singles

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With its lush green pastures, fresh air and wide open spaces, the country life is as beautiful as a sweet dream. However, the rural lifestyle is not so rosy when it comes to finding a mate. Farmers generally dwell in compact communities where everybody knows each other, which does not provide a conducive environment for a fresh start after a heartbreak or divorce.

One might mention OkCupid or Tinder – yet these apps are mostly bustling with city people who often do not understand the struggles of the 24/7 busy ranchers’ and farmers’ life. Your typical Tinder profile is filled with platitudes like, “I love to travel the world, go to wine tastings and dance the night away.” Hardly compatible with the country or rural single’s lifestyle: early to bed, early to rise.

Country people often have a different mindset compared to their urban counterparts. It calls for something that would be especially designed for the ranchers, farmers, cowboys, and those who simply love the simple life. With due respect for these unique challenges, farm culture and its specific way of life, FarmersMatch was launched.

This new Silicon Valley-based dating app, created by Derek Ma, is making dating easier and more efficient for country singles. Developed exclusively for these rural folks, FarmersMatch is now the #1 dating app for farmers & country singles within just a year of its launch.  At present, the app boasts 300,000+ active users and is catching on all over the world. Outside of the United States, where 92% of its users are based, other user populations include rural regions of Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. Another fun fact, the app has gained traction with many rural and country-minded New Yorkers and Californians which combined make up nearly 30 % of the app’s users.

What makes FarmersMatch so attractive and successful with its users? Let’s have a sneak peek into it’s this dating app’s features:

Dating App FarmersMatch Features: Easy & Intuitive

FarmersMatch respects the fact that rural people prefer a simple operation. Thus, the app comes with a cheerful intuitive interface where it just takes an easy left or right swipe to operate the app. It’s devoid of some overwhelming features of more mainstream dating apps like clunky advertisements and bots. If you like a profile, simply swipe right and if that person swipes right on your profile, a private chat automatically opens up without further navigation. If a profile doesn’t match your criteria, just swipe left to check the next profile. It takes the Tinder model and significantly pares it down for simplicity.

Easy Private Chat

As soon as two members like each other, they can further the connection with an easy private chat that pops up automatically.

Connects Users to Rural Singles Both Near and Far

FarmersMatch enables its users to connect with like-minded rural singles or those who appreciate the country life from nearby locations, or in countries beyond their national border. Users can connect with farmers, ranchers and cowboys/girls from all across the world. It’s not limited by postal code or miles radius.

Suggestions Based on Filters

The app allows users to search compatible matches based on their specific parameters. It also provides potential match suggestions with respect to filters chosen by the user.


FarmersMatch assures complete privacy for all users. All actions and communications are only based on the user’s first name. There are no surname or other requirements.

Timely Push Notifications

FarmersMatch will instantly notify the user when someone gets a photo request, receives a message or has a match.

Thoroughly Verified Profiles

The app carries strict verifications to ensure authentic profiles. FarmersMatch has guaranteed no risks of fake or spammy dating profiles.

Free Profile Creation

The app allows users to register and create a profile for free. Users can also browse other profiles on the app at no charge. However, there are advanced features that are available with their paid membership.

FarmersMatch is available for both iOS & Android users.

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