Das Keyboard 5Q: World’s First Cloud-Connected Mechanical Keyboard; Where To Pre-Order

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Das Keyboard 5q

People who are looking for a decent mechanical keyboard will be pleased to know that the Das Keyboard 5Q is now available for pre-order. As for the people who are wondering about Das Keyboard 5Q?s difference with other mechanical keyboards, it has one feature that most MKBs doesn?t have. It is Cloud-connected.

Das Keyboard 5Q

Apart from mechanical switches and tactile/non-tactile feedbacks, Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected keyboard. It was originally announced a few months ago. The company Das launched their 5Q on Kickstarter in which it was surprisingly funded in success.

As for the cloud connection, it indicates that the keyboard can light up a specific key to notify the user of a particular event. In other words, it can notify the user about auctions, stock prices and etc.

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The keyboard might be very useful as it can stream information from the Internet directly to the keyboard for the user. Color code keys will be then used to represent specific information.

Das Keyboard 5Q Mechanical Switches

Das Keyboard 5q

Apart from the cloud-connection, Das Keyboard 5Q is still a regular mechanical keyboard. It still has the features that made the brand known in the first place. As for the people who are wondering about its mechanical switches, it’s using the Gamma-Zulu switches.

The said switches are developed alongside Omron. In that case, people who are a fan or simply prefer Cherry MX switches would have to look elsewhere. The new Gamma-Zulu mechanical switches have 1.5mm of actuation point. It can also withstand 100 million actuation and is 100% more durable than the standard mechanical switches.

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In addition, 5Q feature an RGB backlighting system with surface-mount LEDs and RGB+ Electronics. As a result, it will light up much brighter than any other RGB mechanical keyboards on the market.

Das Keyboard 5Q Price

As for its price, it might come as a surprise. Unfortunately, the keyboard isn?t as cheap as other mechanical keyboards out there. Priced at $229, 5Q is can be a lot expensive compared to other mechanical keyboards minus the Cloud connection.

People who find the Cloud-connection helpful enough to fill the price difference should go for this keyboard no questions asked. However, people who are looking for MKBs to be used for gaming should look at what Corsair or Razer has to offer. Additionally, companies such as Asus, Logitech, and Ducky also offers premium quality mechanical keyboards.

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