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Darkstalkers Revival Real? Here?s What We Know

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Will the classic horror-themed fighting game be resurrected once more?

Fans will definitely remember the Darkstalker series, a popular fighting game by Capcom by the late 90?s, it featured dark characters based on horror characters such as succubus, vampires, werewolves and more. It also featured a great gameplay mechanics that is both refreshing and relatable to veteran fighting game players. Unfortunately it has been a long time since the last Darkstalkers game was released.

Capcom previously launched remastered versions of select Darkstalkers game in 2013 which include Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. This was to see if there are any interests from the fans for a potential new Darkstalkers game, unfortunately the sales were not that good and fans were not all that interested on the remastered release, which in end caused Capcom to put the franchise to rest.

But there are still some who wants to voice out their wish for a new Darkstalkers game, and it managed to reach out to Capcom and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and asked if there are any plans for a new game for the classic franchise. Though Ono responded that he is trying his best to convince the Capcom executives, there is still no confirmation or green signal for the game to start its development, but there is still a small ray of hope for it to happen as Ono will be pursuing it to push through.

And his recent tweet is a good indication that he is still trying his best to convince Capcom, since he is also interested in reviving some popular fighting game series such as Rival School and Capcom vs SNK. Hopefully we can hear some good news once Ono is finished with the updates for Street Fighter V (as currently there will be an extended Story mode DLC that will be releasing on June and a series of character DLCs) and if the Darkstalkers finally gets a go signal, we can expect Ono to be part of the project.

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