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Darksiders 3 Release: Will The Game Finally Launch After Two Remasters?

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Darksiders 3

The remaster of the PS3 classic, Darksiders, launched recently, and players now have the chance to get their hands on an underrated title. The remaster of the two Darksiders titles are good fan services, but those who played the series are looking for something more. With the first two games now re-released for the current gen of consoles, what are the chances of Darksiders 3 officially happening?

After the bankruptcy of THQ, Nordic Games got the complete rights to the series. This means that despite its original publisher being gone, Darksiders isn?t a dead title just yet. The game made a reappearance in October 2015 with Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition. It also made an appearance this year with Darksiders Warmastered Edition.

Both of the original entries have been re-released with a couple of improvements. Series fans? hopes of getting their hands on Darksiders 3 is once again rekindled. It?s possible that Nordic Games could be testing the popularity of the franchise. It?s also possible that the third game is already in the works and the re-release of the original titles are done in preparation of the next game.

Darksiders features the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Darksiders starred War, while Darksiders 2 starred Death. All that?s left are Strife and Fury. Both characters have already been revealed in the games before. It?s obvious that THQ?s original plan was to create a standalone title for each of the horsemen.

The series is one of the best underrated titles of the past gen. It?s good that players have a chance to play it now. Hopes are high for Darksiders 3 which could star either the whip-wielding Fury or the gun-totting Strife. We?re all wishing for big Darksiders news this coming 2017.

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