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Darksiders 3, New Destroy All Humans Coming Soon?

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Darksiders 3

It seems like remasters are all the rage again, as the recent news of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Dead Rising have proven. Nordic is joining in on the fun, re-releasing the first Darksiders as the punderful Warmastered Edition. Does this mean we are finally getting Darksiders 3 and maybe even a new Destroy All Humans game?

For those unaware, Darksiders is supposed to be about the four horsemen, but only two games have been released. The first game had War as the lead ? hence Warmastered ? while the sequel had Death as its protagonist, which was also given a re-release. This game also had a wonderful pun when the game was given the remastered treatment called the Deathinitive Edition.

Given that both games were remastered ? though one has to wonder why they weren’t bundled together ? it seems like Nordic Games might be up for a Darksiders 3. The series might not be critically lauded, but it does have a passionate fan base and wild art direction from Joe Madureira.

On the other side of the Nordic spectrum, it seems like there are people in the company who want to see a new Destroy All Humans game happen. According to VG24/7, the game’s designer said that he would love to make a new one, since it ended on a whimper. If there is any justice in the world, there should be a new game for the series soon.

We need a new Destroy All Humans game.

What’s baffling about Nordic Games is that the company seems to be content with not doing anything with the properties they purchased from THQ. Sure, they re-released the second Darksiders game and are in the process of re-releasing the first, but it would be great to see the third game announced soon. An all-new Destroy All Humans would also be very appreciated.

Given the re-releases, there is a decent chance that we will see a Darksiders 3 announcement sooner or later. It just seems too random to re-release these titles if nothing will be done with the franchise. As for Destroy All Humans, that’s something fans might have to pray for. Nordic Games is currently publishing Joe Madureura?s Battle Chasers game, which doesn?t have a release date yet.

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