Darksiders 3 Gameplay: What To Expect

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Darksiders 3 Main Protagonist; Fury
Fury Will Star In Darksiders 3 [Screenshot Captured From Darksiders 3 Trailer]

After years of waiting, fans of the Darksiders series have finally seen the third anticipated entry in the hack-and-slash series. The developer reveals that Darksiders 3 is finally coming after almost 5 years since Darksiders 2 launched. The official reveal was accompanied by a few images that give us a glimpse of the things we can expect in the anticipated third game.

New Way To Play

The main protagonist of the third game will be Fury. She wields a whip and according to the game’s developers, Fury is a mage and she’ll be using her magic in a variety of ways. The first two games played differently from each other but it seems like Darksiders 3 will be a bigger step towards a refreshing new take on the series.

When it comes to what Fury can do, she will have to “harness [her] magic to unleash her various forms–each granting her access to new weapons, moves, and traversal abilities.” In Darksiders, War is a slow but powerful character. When it comes to combat, players had to rely on War’s heavy strikes. In Darksiders 2, players had access to an array of Death’s weapons and the highlight of each battle was Death’s speed and ability to swap weapons quickly.

For the third entry, the official trailer shows that Fury will be making use of her whip. The site also states that she will specialize in magic. It’s going to be exciting to see how different she plays from the other two horsemen.

Better Open-World

The world in Darksiders felt small and restricting most of the time. It can’t be considered as a true open-world setting as there were a lot of loading screens in-between areas. The explorable world was made better in Darksiders 2 and players had access to a more free and significantly bigger open-world.

Based on the pattern, we can expect the world of Darksiders 3 to become better than its predecessors. The list notes that the world will be open-ended and that Fury can move back and forth between areas in the map. Additionally, the developer will also provide diverse areas to explore.

A Build Up To A Great Finale

The entire series revolves around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how the end of the world was seemingly rushed because of War. All the events from the past games serve as a build up to an epic finale featuring the Four Horsemen and the third entry will hype up the finale even more.

True To The Series

The Darksiders IP was in limbo after publisher THQ and Darksiders developer, Vigil Games, was closed down in 2013. Nordic Games (now rebranded as THQ Nordic) managed to take acquire the Darksiders IP. Developer Gunfire Games was recently confirmed to be working on the Darksiders 3 and  lay at ease because this studio was founded several people from Vigil Games, which means the third entry is a true Darksiders experience.

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