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Darksiders 3: Features It Should Borrow From The First Games

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Darksiders 3 Title Art
Darksiders 3 Title Art As Seen From Trailer [Screenshot Captured From Darksiders 3 Trailer]

THQ Nordic has finally unveiled the follow up to the first two Darksiders entries and in the third entry, Fury will take the spotlight. We’re all excited to see how the next entry fares against its predecessors and after a long time in development limbo, players are expecting a lot from Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 2 varied a lot from the first game and Death’s adventure was a bigger success than War’s adventure. While making the third game, THQ Nordic should bring back a few things from the first two entries so that it’ll be an amazing follow up. Here are some of the features that Darksiders 3 should get from both Darksiders and Darksiders 2.

Equipment Customization

In Darksiders 2, the developer gave players access to an equipment customization system for Death. Players, can change Death’s armor pieces as well as his weapons. This feature wasn’t available in the first game and it’s one of the reasons why the gameplay felt bland.

For the third entry, THQ Nordic should bring back equipment customization. Allowing players to change Fury’s armors and weapons would add more depth to the game. Even better is that players will be allowed to customize how Fury would look like by changing her armor.

Combat Mechanics

The first Darksiders had a basic hack and slash combat mechanic. Players can simply chain up combos for a continuous flow of attacks. In Darksiders 2, the combat system was made even better by adding more amount of combo attacks that Death can learn.

We’ve yet to know how Fury will play differently as compared to her brothers. Regardless of her playstyle, the developer should keep the formula it had these past years and improve upon it as well. We’re thinking of more combos and better chains for Fury’s attack so that Darksiders 3 won’t be just a typical hack and slash game. Considering Fury also specializes in magic, it’s possible there’s plenty of unique moves available at her disposal.

Progression System

Another feature that the developer added to Darksiders 2 was a progression system. Darksiders 2 had RPG elements and it made the game even better than the first one. Death can level up through experience and players can tweak Death’s stats to their liking.

Hopefully, Darksiders 3 retains these RPG elements as without it, gameplay would feel bland. Based on how Darksiders 2 was a big improvement from the first game, then there’s a chance that the RPG elements in the third game would be an even bigger improvement.

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