Darknet : The Scariest Part of the Internet

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Dive into the dark and explore the unimaginable and the unthinkable corners of the internet, the deepweb.

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Darknet…?majority of tech-savvy and avid internet surfers have probably heard of this word. It is a place where common Web Search Engines cannot reach. Before we talk about Darknet, let first take a look into the internet.

The internet is a global system where millions or billions of computers are interconnected with each other in a network.

Is the World Wide Web and Internet the same? No, these are two different things. The World Wide Web or WWW is a system composed of Hypertext documents that can be viewed by the use of a Web Browser such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Web Browsers can only reach and show search results from the Surface Web.

So how many web pages are there? There are billions of web pages that are online and operational right now that can be viewed anytime, but that is just for the surface web.

We human beings are always fascinated by the mysteries of our planet, that is why some people did some research about the so-called Darknet. Now try to imagine you are in the arctic or in the middle of the ocean. Everything that your eyes can see, that is what we call the surface web. Now try this, imagine you are holding a fishnet and you threw it at the ocean to catch some fish, when you pull it back up you can see there that you caught a lot of fish and other stuff from the ocean. That is how a web browser works. You ?Throw? (do a search) on the surface web and when you pull it back up (search results) you can see that you caught a lot of “things” (information) from the web.

The deepweb can be a scary place to some people. This is where the mystery part comes in. In the deepweb there is this thing that we call a Dark address. It is a network of hosts that is unreachable by any conventional means.

It consists of private addresses, hidden websites and many more things that can trigger your curiosity to venture into the dark side. This is the place where anarchists, activists and hacktivists meet. Not just them though, some hackers consider this as their ?playground?.

I remember a few years back when I was doing research about the Darknet, there was this rumor that all the things that you can think of is down there and I mean it, EVERYTHING. I know this side of the internet can be intimidating and horrifying. Good things can also be found in the deepweb. People post their thoughts and everything they want without censorship, information that cannot be obtained elsewhere on the surface web can also be found here, the military and governments uses it to send encrypted messages or files and many more.

The Darknet is a mysterious and fascinating topic to discuss, but don?t let it get to you too much.

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