Dark Void: Zero Hits The App Store And Steam Today

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A while back I posted some information on Dark Void: Zero and today it?s available for download via Steam for PC and the Apple App Store for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Let?s see the details below.

Rise on bold warriors! Are you ready for the next evolution in vintage sci-fi action? We?re pleased to announce today that Dark Void ? Zero has launched for iPhone ($2.99) and Windows PC ($5)!

Just a reminder to those of you not in the know. This is a 8-Bit rendition of Dark Void, with a ton of very unique Online features. You can get rewards based on your skills, which include Achievements through Steam on the PC version and through OpenFeint for the iPhone and iPod Touch game.

Yet another cool feature that I?m interested in are the new Leaderboards that track your scores and speed runs. Finally your also able to connect to your Facebook account through OpenFeint on your portable device of choice. According to Capcom the controls for the iPhone/iTouch have really been a focus for the team, to make the feel of the controls on point and tight.

Dark Void Zero on iPhone gives players the tools for an amazingly precise and intuitive game play experience without the need for a controller.

The sound track for this 8-Bit iteration has also includes an ?award-worthy? soundtrack both created and performed by Bear McCreary the composer to the hit series Battle Star Galactica.

One last added bonus is that come next week the Dark Void: Zero soundtrack will be available for download on iTunes.

Their you have it, now if you?ll excuse me, I need to load up Steam for a quick download.

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