Dark Souls 3 Update: November 11 Patch Changes PvP Meta

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Dark Souls 3 update

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware is releasing a Dark Souls 3 update this coming November 11. Most of the changes are to buff and nerf weapons mostly used in the game?s PvP. Here?s what we know so far about the Dark Souls 3 update.

November 11 Changes

According to the Dark Souls 3 patch, the update?features mostly weapon stat fixes. Friede?s Great Scythe?s Faith stat scaling was fixed. Spells like Way of the White Corona and Bursting Fireball were improved. Additionally, the duration of the weapon enchantment items like Charcoal Pine Bundle and Gold Pine Bundle were extended. However, the most interesting part of this patch are the damage nerfs to two particular swords and the buffs to heavier weapons.

Carthus Curved Sword and Follower Sabre Nerfs

As seen in the patch, the Carthus Curved Sword and the Follower Sabre attack damage had been reduced in the upcoming November 11 update. Both weapons are considered top tier, and most players rely on these weapons in PvP settings. The Carthus Curved Sword?s quickness, reliable range, and Bleed properties make it a reliable weapon. Meanwhile, Ashes of Ariandel?s Follower Sabre has similar stats and lacks the Bleed properties, but its Weapon Art is remarkably fast and useful. The Follower Sabre?s Weapon Art could be linked to a hard-hitting swing that resists most attacks using the Strong attack button.

FromSoftware may have heeded most of the fanbase?s struggle to extremely respect these weapon?s damage and nerfed them. However, it?s possible that these nerfed weapons could still be viable in PvP albeit the reduced damage.

Heavy Weapon Buffs

The November 11 Dark Souls 3 update also gives ?increased player?s resistance to physical attacks? when using Ultra Greatswords, Great Hammers, Greataxes and Halberds. Potentially, these weapons could now be reliable for pushing one good swing through the enemy?s barrage of regular attacks. Halberds also now deal ?improved damage done to opponent?s guard? which could mean it can hurt more Stamina from blocking targets. Since it?s vaguely worded like the previous patches, it?s possible that equipping these heavy weapons grant improved resistances. We?ve yet to see if these buffs make a large difference and heavily change the Dark Souls 3 meta.

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