Dark Souls 3 PC Graphics Options Is Disappointing

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Dark Souls 3 PC

Recently, a sneak peek on Dark Souls 3?s PC port has been released. It features some of the early-game content and the customizable settings in the game. However, will the graphics options be enough to satisfy its PC player base?

IGN has posted a three-hour stream of the upcoming Souls game. It?s one of the earliest streams of the game as the title has not been released yet. The Dark Souls 3 Steam site says that the game will be released on April 12, which is three weeks from now.

For those unwilling to swim through the three-hour stream and just want to see the game?s settings, here is RedQ?s Reddit thread which details the setting tweaking section shown in the video. RedQ apparently snapped some screenshots when IGN?s stream brought up the graphics settings and the Keybindings. So far, the Reddit community is thankful that Dark Souls 3 directly supported controller peripherals this time around.

The graphics settings aren?t welcoming to older hardware, according to an article by PCGamesN. The most notable flaw of the graphic setting is its anti-aliasing feature. It can only be set either on or off, so better hardware are restricted to maximum anti-aliasing settings, while older hardware can?t find a middle ground to keep a degree of anti-aliasing in the game. PCGamesN also mentioned the possibility of an anti-aliasing mismatch between the in-game setting and the maximum capacity of the hardware due to the vagueness of the setting. For now, Dark Souls 3 may cause problems for players who like customizing their settings if the game doesn?t get appropriate and better driver support.

Hardware inquiries about the game are discouraged on the Dark Souls 3 Reddit to avoid cluttering the subreddit with tons of such threads. This move forces players to seek other ways in asking communities about hardware benchmarking and achieving the game?s minimum requirements. As for now, we?ll have to wait before we can pick up Dark Souls 3. Gamers are also advised not to attempt to switch regions just to get the game early, as suggested in another Reddit thread.

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