Dark Souls 3 To Focus More On Gameplay Than Story

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Dark Souls 3

According to reports about Dark Souls 3, the game will focus more on introducing new systems and items than expanding the whole story of the series. Here?s what is known so far about FromSoftware?s upcoming game.

As stated in the article by Polygon, most of the updates on the upcoming Dark Souls 3 are about gameplay and less about the lore of the game. The ?new FP? system will now be the resource bar for spells and other weapon skills. The previous Dark Souls entries had refillable Spell uses similar to Final Fantasy 8.

Melee warriors also have a use for FP as a stance could be accessed there that will trade players? quicker attacks for charged, hard-hitting FP weapon skills. This adds a little more depth to the battle system of Dark Souls, which only lets players make do with low damage against a boss in their attack openings.

Estus Flasks in-game can also be traded for blue Ashen Estus Flasks intended for FP recovery. The regular Estus Flask still exists in-game and recovers Health when used. Players will be allowed to switch up their regular and Ashen Estus flasks, depending on which matches their playstyle. These are just the few gameplay updates that Dark Souls 3 offers.

As for the lore, Polygon said that the Unkindled, the player character, must slay the four Lords of Cinder who?ve left their throne. Because this is a Dark Souls game, it is understandable that the lore is vague and only minimal details are available, which confuse new players in the game. Currently, it seems that Dark Souls 3 has a straightforward story revolving around the main protagonists finding key characters, but it might turn out differently once FromSoftware announces any teases about the main character?s importance and the identity of the Lords of Cinder.

Dark Souls involves a lot of reading between the lines in item descriptions as well as careful inspection of areas for certain NPCs and text that explain a small part of the story. As of now, it looks like Dark Souls 3 is less focused on lore due to the game?s reduced areas but offers more game complexity and depth, as confirmed by Segmentnext.

However, FromSoftware might have a lore surprise for us which might lead us into a deeper and larger mystery about the world of Dark Souls. Stay updated on Dark Souls 3 news here on TheBitBag.

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