Dark Souls 3 DLC: Ashes Of Ariandel Expansion To Have New Covenant?

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Recently, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the new ?Ashes of Ariandel? Dark Souls 3 DLC expansion last August 24. New areas, weapons, and spells have been confirmed in the upcoming DLC. However, will the new expansion also bring a new covenant?

In the Dark Souls 3 DLC trailer, ?the new additions to the game were vaguely showcased. As this trailer is characteristically Dark Souls, the new additions were shown, but they were not fully explained. However, a new PvP map called the Immortal Competition has been confirmed in the game, which teases a PvP-focused expansion.

Previously, Dark Souls 3 players assigned the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire as the game?s unofficial PvP arena. FromSoftware may want players to enjoy an area that looks like an actual arena instead of a garden balcony. The cousin of Dark Souls, BloodBorne, has an unofficial PvP arena situated in the Chalice Dungeons for its competitive players.

A new Covenant hasn?t been confirmed in the DLC yet, but there could be clues in the scenes from the trailer. As seen on the official Dark Souls 3 post on Reddit, the kneeling man offering a piece of cloth or item could potentially be a new Covenant. Characters in Dark Souls often kneel to offer to their Covenants, so it?s possible that the piece of cloth is a Covenant item itself.

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Most covenants are often tied to areas where their members roam or their Covenant altar can be found. It?s possible that the new maps in the Dark Souls 3 DLC has a new PvP-focused covenant particularly tied to the new Immortal Competition area. Some spells and weapons could also be uniquely obtained through Covenant progress. It?s possible that these new additions will be obtained through effort and will not be given easily to the player when they buy the expansion.

If there?s a new covenant, players may have another reason to rejuvenate the online systems in the game. Covenant items are usually tied to the multiplayer systems which allow players to progress for unique rewards at the end. Alternatively, players are also given spots to farm these Covenant items from monsters, but they often have tediously low drop rates for balance?s sake. For now, we?ll have to wait for the first Dark Souls 3 DLC to be released in October 25 to see if there is actually a new Covenant item in the game.


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