Dark Souls 3: The Best Class To Use For Beginners

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Dark Souls 3

FromSoftware?s Dark Souls 3 has been confirmed to be released two months from now. If you?re planning to play this game, it would be a good time to think of your class. Here?s a brief guide on which classes you should start with.

Total Beginner – Sorcerer or other Ranged Classes

If you?re planning to play a Souls game but aren?t confident with your evasion skills, go for ranged classes. As seen in the video from IGN, Sorcerers have Soul Arrows that are easy to use. It?s a projectile attack that flies straight into the enemy, dealing damage when it hits.

However, ranged attacks don?t eliminate the need for dodging as some monsters or bosses speed up or unstoppably charge toward you. Any of the ranged classes are a great starting point especially when you?re not familiar with games that harshly punishes mistakes.

As a beginner ranged character, get ready to run at the first sign of enemy crowds and try not to get yourself cornered. Walk slowly if you feel like it and rotate the camera in every corridor to be ready of any surprises. Pick up on the heavier weapons once you get the hang of the controls or carry on to stronger spells once you have access to them.

Regular Gamer, Beginner to the ?Souls? Series ? Warrior, Herald, and Assassin

If you?ve played games like Monster Hunter, League of Legends or any decently paced game that requires presence of mind in the face of danger, choose a melee class. Due to your gaming history, your sense of dodging should be enough for earlier mobs once you find the right button.

Always assume that you?re disadvantaged in every boss fight. You?ll have to put in effort in evading if you don?t want to die. Hit only once if you?ve haven?t figured out the enemy attack patterns, if needed. The Warrior class is tough and has the basic tools you need to fight up close and survive.

Meanwhile, Dark Souls 3 Assassins have exceptional mobility which are perfect for getting used to positioning and evading as seen from IGN’s footage. Lastly, Heralds have a heal spell which is generally useful in any action game.

True Beginner ? Depraved

You come in in Dark Souls 3 knowing nothing and starting with nothing, therefore you have nothing to lose in trying this class. This is for those Beginners who want to learn the game?s systems thoroughly as early as in the first area.

While it?s advantageous to start with pre-made classes for the extra stats, Depraved classes will force you to independently build your stats and get a good grasp of the benefits each stat gives. Try this out only if you?re feeling brave and ready to handle twice the frustration in the early parts of the game.

Lastly, remember that it?s perfectly normal to die repeatedly in a game made by FromSoftware. Dark Souls 3 should be no exception as the playerbase may get disappointed if they are presented with an easy game. Despite its difficulty, the game does get easier once you get the hang of the controls and the systems. Just stay patient and remember to take a different path if you?re clearly mismatched against an enemy.

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