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Dark Souls 3: Ashes Of Ariandel More Difficult Than Ever

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Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Dark Souls 3 is probably one of the most difficult games to ever come out for consoles and PC. However, it does not stop gamers from enjoying the game. In fact, it seems that for them, the harder it is, the better. Fortunately, From Software just announced the first of two DLCs for Dark Souls 3Ashes of Ariandel.

The new expansion promises a variety of new contents including new maps, NPCs, weapons, armors, spells, and most of all, more difficult bosses. Players will find themselves traversing the frozen lands of Ariandel as they uncover the reason behind why it has become such a wasteland. They must try and banish the evil that grips the land from within.

In the usual Dark Souls sense, players will be met with more difficult bosses and new NPCs to supplement the new storyline. Players will discover new spells, weapons and armors as they progress through the game?s difficult missions.

Namco did not give any more details regarding the expansion as they do not want to spoil the story. Instead, they released a teaser for the expansion.

Dark Souls 3 is a grim third-person action role-playing game from From Software and Namco. It was released on April 12, 2016. The story takes place in the Kingdom of Lothric where the prince has abandoned his duties for the land. With the Age of Fire slowly dying the Ashen One must return the three Lords of Cinder as well as Prince Lothric to their thrones.

The game was co-directed by Hidetaka Mizayaki, creator of the Souls series. According to Mizayaki, Dark Souls 3 ?will not be the last sequel for the franchise, instead, this will be the turning point for the game as they plan to release another game for the franchise soon.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel will be released on Oct. 25 to Xbox, PS4 and PC while pre-orders start today. Cost for the first expansion is $14.99. For those who want to get the bundle, Namco is offering a season pass worth $24.99. This includes the first and second expansion, which will be released early next year.

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