Dark Souls 3 Alternative You Should Play: Salt And Sanctuary

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Dark Souls 3 Salts and Sanctuary

Can?t wait for Dark Souls 3 to come out? Well, you might like to try Salt and Sanctuary, a Ska Studios game that works like a 2D sidescrolling Dark Souls. It has just been released on the Playstation 4 last March 15, and its Playstation Vita and PC versions are coming soon, according to the official Salt and Sanctuary Press Kit.?Here’s why this new title from Ska Studios is a great alternative to the upcoming Dark Souls game.?

Salt and Sanctuary follows a shipwrecked sailor and his adventures on a dark, foggy, and uncharted island. The sailor is the customizable character protagonist in the game, similar to the Dark Souls franchise. The game world is filled with sorts of weapons and equipment to suit the player?s playstyle. A multiplayer system similar to that in Dark Souls also exists in Salt and Sanctuary as there?s a Sellsword system you can visit to help or assail other players.

However, Salt and Sanctuary is very different from Dark Souls games in terms of the battle system. Salt and Sanctuary features a 2D platforming and sidescrolling movement. This means that evasion will be bottlenecked through effective back steps, platform climbs, and constrained evasive maneuvers that go either left or right. The trailers also introduce a combo juggling system with some weapons, something that?s currently impossible in the Dark Souls series.

For now, this game could quench your ?Souls? series thirst while you wait for Dark Souls 3. The North American release of Dark Souls 3 is on April 12, so we have at least a month left before the game comes out.

Practicing in Salt and Sanctuary would also be advantageous for players interested in the upcoming FromSoftware game. Dark Souls 3 will introduce new systems, but the sense of evasion is universal in most adventure games. Techniques carried over from Salt and Sanctuary, previous Dark Souls 2, and last year?s Bloodborne will be useful for those who want to pick up Dark Souls 3.

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