Dark Souls 2 Tips To Survive Longer in The Game

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Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2


If you have been playing the game now and having some difficulty staying alive for more than an hour, welcome to the club. A huge number of players will find Dark Souls 2 very unforgiving and like its predecessor, getting around the game is utterly difficult.

Dying in the game is a big part of the game itself, but let?s face it, this is the part of the game that makes it very frustrating. You don?t want to die every ten or fifteen minutes to just find out that the souls you?ve been saving have been wiped out from your dear pockets especially boss fights.

Here are some tips to get you started so that you won?t end up putting down the game way too soon out of sheer annoyance.

Know Which Class You Want or Need

There are different classes in the game and obviously enough, Warrior and Knight classes are the best ones out there for newbies of the game. Other classes are a bit weaker, but you can be a bit more flexible with how you build them up. The Deprived class is the weakest one and starts at level 6 while the others start out as level 12. This is a to-go-to class if you want more customized build or you want some more challenge with an already challenging game.

Learn The Basics Of The Game. Go Through The Tutorials

As with all games, newcomers are welcome to run around without actually going through the tutorials and skipping them altogether. This is not the case with newcomers on Dark Souls 2. It would pay that you visit and go through all tutorials to be more aware of the harsh environments of the game and grow more accustomed to how things work with it. You would also get to loot a few souls from easy enemies. Take your time on the game and don?t rush things.

Keep Your Shield All The Times

Regardless of the class you choose, you would be able to bring? third equipment. If you have a dual-wielded weapon or using a bow, you should still keep a shield handy. While treading around, keep holding it out for any surprise attacks. It will save you a lot of times.

Ranged Weapons Have Their Wonders

These weapons aren?t the strongest, but they serve their purpose in the game and more. While arrows, fire or poison ammunition isn?t the best weapons around for beating the living daylight out of enemies in the game, they?re good for keeping them at bay and they would also prevent enemies from ganging on you. It would also let you easily regain your lost souls when you die because you are much farther from the enemies who caused your death.

Save Your Stuff For Later Use

This isn?t rocket-science, but saving your items or souls can get you far in the game. You don?t need to carelessly use everything you find right away, especially stuff you get from boss fights. You can keep these items for later use, which is very rewarding when used on the right timing.

There is No Way You Wouldn?t Die in The Game, Get Used To It.

You will die in the game a couple of times. Not just a few times, but almost as many as the strand of your hair (just kidding, that?s just exaggerating). But you should learn from your deaths. Dark Souls 2 are far less forgiving than the first one and you get more penalties for dying too many times. Your life can be reduced to 50 percent and this can be permanent because of Hollowing. Taking your time is the best thing to do. Familiarize yourself with the new places you encounter. Take small steps and don?t rush things out.


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