Dark Souls 2: Professional Tips

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Listed below are some professional Dark Souls 2 tips from Nick ?Deathmonkey N? Hamilton, a level 100 Dark Souls 2 player.

  • To gain more Estus Flask, return any Estus Flask Shards that you will acquire to the woman you first meet in Majula
  • ?Try to talk to any NPC or Merchant you can find because you will usually get rewarded.
  • When you use a shield to block enemy attacks, your Stamina depletes, and holding it up slowly refills your stamina. Holding your shield down when it is safe to refill stamina is great tactic.
  • You should practice to time you rolls with smaller enemies, so that when you later face Dark Souls 2 bosses, you will be well prepared.
  • When you rest at bonfires, your Estus Flask refills, but the enemies also respawn. However, if you kill an enemy in an area for about 15 times or so, they will not spawn back anymore.
  • It will be safe to stay close to some enemies, but dodging their attacks on time is crucial.
  • Taking enemies down one by one is a very good strategy. If possible, remember to use your arrows to take them out from a distance.
  • Choose healing times carefully when fighting a boss. Your best chance to heal up is when you feel like you have an open attack window after blocking or dodging.
  • DO NOT BURN a Bonfire Ascetic in a bonfire because this makes the game a lot tougher and brings out more enemies. Unless you are not satisfied with ?the game?s difficulty, of course.
  • Once you get past 70% on your weight, be aware of what you are wearing because this will cause you to do the ?Fat Rolling?.? It makes dodging less reliable and more riskier.
  • One of the best things to have in ?Dark Souls 2 is ?Jolly Good Cooperation?. When you see a merchant, always buy a Human Effigy if he/she has one. You will be able to access co-op by consuming a Human Effigy after death, walk over the grounds with white signs and then summon another player to your world to aide you for a limited time.


To find more Dark Souls 2 strategies, you can visit Deathmonkey N?s channel on YouTube.

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