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Dark Souls 2 Mod: New Addition Is The Worst? Your Eyes Will Bleed!

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Bleed your eyes with this Dark Souls II mod

Have you ever seen a very horrible and most evil skid mod for a game? I guess you haven?t seen this Dark Souls II mod yet.


Modding has become an important part in the PC gaming community, being able to flesh out new content or custom appearances to add more game time to any games. However there are maybe good mods in the internet, there are also the bad ones, and this mod for Dark Souls II could be the worst. Krisis18z created a mod called Philosopher of the First Meme for Dark Souls II and it made many of those who watched the video of the mod being played cry.

What Krisis18z basically did is that he replaced the entire texture of the game with images of internet memes. Meaning all the textures such as rocks, castles, characters, armors, weapons were replaced with different images of internet memes, heck even the game user interface was completely retextured with images of Toon Link from the Legend of Zelda and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, everything in the mod is crazy, the background music was also replaced with random songs starting with the Pokemon theme song to a remix of Gangnam Style.

Philosopher of the First Meme is more a troll attempt to the Dark Souls II community and to anyone who managed to try the mod. The game is already difficult to finish, and adding the texture mod to add more injury. Though it may be horrific for some players, but to veterans like Krisis18z, it?s more of a way to keep things fresh and add more fun experience, as they also pranks new or less experienced players during their run at Dark Souls II, It is really a way to add refreshing content to the game, may it be visually unappealing or not.

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