Dark Souls 2 Mistakes Every Player Should Avoid

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things not to do while playing Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 (or Dark Souls II) is an action, open-world, RPG video game. It is the third game in the Dark Souls franchise developed by From Software for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. Dark Souls 2 is a merciless game for the inexperienced. If you have already played the Demon Souls or the original Dark Souls, you?ll know what I?m talking about. But for those who have just begun playing the game, here are some mistakes you need to avoid in order to stay alive longer.

You rush through the game

You don?t need to rush because the game is one of those that do not reward players for leveling up. It will still take a substantial amount of time to beat the next boss even if you?ve put many points into your damage output. The only instance that this idea isn?t applicable is when you reach a really high level then you go back to areas in the lower levels. Don?t try to be a hero and brawl with 30 opponents simultaneously. At any rate, you?ll only get a small benefit from rushing through the game. It?s better to take your time and focus on saving as many souls as you can.

You always kill the Emerald Herald

It?s possible to kill nearly all non-player characters (NPC) in Dark Souls 2, as well as your allies. One of the most beneficial NPC in the game is the Emerald Herald in Majula. You can kill her off if you want, but that would be one of your biggest mistakes as the Herald is your sole means of upgrading your Estus Flask and taking your character to the next level.

You let your equipment break

See that little red bar on your HUD? Glue your eyes on them as much as possible because they indicate how close your items are to their breaking point. If an item breaks you?ll have to pay for it to be fixed. Otherwise, you can rest at a Bonfire to restore the durability of your weapons for free.

You ignore the Endurance stat

The Endurance stat is one of the frequently ignored stats in Dark Souls 2. To begin with, this stat shows how long your character can run on top speed ? some players see that as a dismissible ability as there are obviously other stat to focus on. But in Dark Souls 2, it?s very important as being able to run away from deadly opponents is a crucial part in surviving in the game.


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