Dark Souls 2 Guide: Tips and Tricks To Help Level Up Your Character

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Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 (or Dark Souls II) is an open-world, action RPG game currently supported in the Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 gaming platforms. It is said to be one of the hardest games launched in the past year.

Having said that, we gathered some of the most helpful Dark Souls 2 tips and trick to help players advance in the game. This piece is focused on how to level up characters by learning the right requirements that players need to meet; that is by studying the leveling up system and investing in the correct set of statistics.

Dark Souls 2 Tips on how to level up your character

Dark Souls 2 Tips on how to level up your character

How to level up your Dark Souls 2 character efficiently

The Dark Souls 2 interface for leveling up has different statistics (or stats) that players can upgrade. They can either upgrade a single stat or multiple stats at a certain time. All of these stats will affect their character in various ways so extra caution is advised.


Adaptability is crucial if you want to improve your Dark Souls 2 character?s agility. This stat has a major impact on how fast you can raise your shield and use your healing items. Adaptability also boosts a character?s poison resistance.


This stat will help determine how many spell slots you will have. The fundamental role of spell slots is to equip Sorceries, Miracles, Pyromancies, and Hexes. It?s essential that you upgrade Attunement if you want to use more magic.


This is somewhat comparable to Strength as it also affects defense and physical attacks. Some armors and weapons need particular Strength or Dexterity stats for them to be worn or used effectively. If you increase Dexterity, you?ll also enjoy a slight improvement to your total hit points.


Endurance increases your Dark Souls 2 character?s stamina and lets you block, attack, and dodge enemy fire continuously. Moreover, Endurance will also improve your character?s Physical Defense resulting to a longer threshold for physical attacks from opponents.

Dark Souls 2 level up interface - Stats

Dark Souls 2 level up interface – Stats


This stat controls Miracles and other related spells. Faith boosts the speed of your spell casting and the amount of damage that lightning, dark, and fire-based spells will inflict. A precise amount of Faith is needed when using Hexes and Miracles so it?s vital that you raise this stat early on.


If you heavily rely on Sorcery, it is advisable to increase Intelligence since it improves your Cast Speed and Magic Bonus. If your Dark Souls 2 character is a Sorcerer, you should assign between 20 and 40 points to your Intelligence stats. Along with Faith, Intelligence also boosts your Fire bonus.


Essentially, Strength controls defense and physical attacks. If you use a non-magic class character, Strength must be one of your most significant stats. As such, you are required to use several weapons and armor. Every time you upgrade your Strength you will also increase your damage boost and slightly improve your character?s total HP.


The role of this stat is to increase your character?s HP. Although there are other stats that can do this, Vigor delivers the most important HP boost. The main difference between Vitality and Vigor is that Vitality allows you to use heavier armor but have slight effect on a character?s HP.


Even though most gamers may assume that the function of Vitality is to augment your health, that?s clearly not the case in Dark Souls 2. The role of Vitality here is to increase your character?s maximum equipment load. Simply put, the more points you put on Vitality, the more equipment load you will have.

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