”Dark Souls 2′ for PC, Will It Have The Better Visuals?

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Dark Souls 2 PC
Dark Souls 2 PC

It would seem that Namco Bandai already gave us a hint of what the PC version of Dark Souls 2 would look like. It would also seem that the hope of actually seeing the same graphical prowess we saw in the previous promotional videos, demo and trade shows of the game would be slim. Namco Bandai has removed all the images and screenshots related to the earlier version of the game Dark Souls 2 on it Steam page and leaving only the ones for the console release.

The console version of the game caused quite a stir because of the controversial overhaul of the game?s graphics which has been significantly ?downgraded?. It was far more inferior than the promotional videos which was shown for it (including the lighting, shadows, DOF effect and overall quality of the textures.) Dark Souls 2?s box even had outdated screenshots behind the box so it can be easily told that this move was a last minute decision to avoid considerable framerate drops on the aging machines like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

FromSoftware verified, however, that Dark Souls 2 would run much better on PC. With 60 fps and noticeably higher resolution textures so it won?t be as bad as most people think it would be. The good thing is FromSoftware is already taking action on preventing misleading or false advertisements by removing the images of the old version of Dark Souls 2 on its Steam page.

Regardless of fancier lighting, Dark Souls 2 is already an excellent game on its own and gamers who seek challenge will have a lot on this one. Luckily enough though, there?s a high chance that the PC version would get some ?needed? treatment from the modding community as it is easier to get to the game?s inner workings on the PC version.

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