Dark Souls 2: Easiest Ways To Die

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Dark Souls is one of the most difficult mainstream console games there is, that is a fact.
For hardcore gamers, beating the game without a single death is an amazing accomplishment, and finishing it with less than a hundred deaths is a major feat for average players.

You can die in Dark Souls in plenty of ways, and listed below are some of the most common deaths.

In Dark Souls 2, falling off a cliff is very easy. Some of the cliffs are easy enough to cross and will not pose much threat, but there’s a great chance you will fall off when you try to cross them while strafing around an enemy. If you accidentally got hit, chances are you’ll be running away to avoid getting killed and losing all of your souls.
If you have more health, dying from a fall will be less likely, but it is not until much later in the game that you have more health to endure numerous falls. Not to mention you usually fall while fighting an enemy, which means you have probably taken enough damage. It ain’t classy, but it’s far easier to die many times just from falling in the wrong spot.

This is the fastest way to die in Dark Souls 2. The fact that almost any enemy in the game can kill you with a hit or two is bad enough. Imagine what will happen when you fight a group of them all at once. Even if you posess a shield that can absorb a 100 percent damage, it will not be enough because it only has a very limited coverage range.
Perhaps you’re doing well. Rolling to dodge enemy attacks, using your favorite shield while facing an enemy directly and using a classic hit-and-run tactic. But then you suddenly realize your stamina is quickly depleting and soon, you won’t have enough to avoid the next attack.

Unless you skip an area and come back after you levelled up a few dozen times, it is safe to say that all the bosses in Dark Souls 2 can kill you with just one or two blows. There are numerous healing items in the game, but few can instantly heal you, and you won’t be able to attack or guard while using these items. If you get hit, you will surely use a healing item in a rush, not knowing you will die because the boss will attack you while you’re consuming the item.
You will also get careless when you’re doing well while the boss’ health is low. You’ll start thinking, “I just need to land this final blow, and this will be over.” This is true, but you still need to stay focused. If you get cocky at this point, you will probably die.

Any Dark Souls player knows how painful it is to lose souls due to an unwelcome death, and what is even worse is when you’re in the course of retrieving those lost souls… only to die again, losing those damn souls for good.
But dying from a boss fight is even worse because you always have to travel a great distance, killing every single enemy that respawned after you died, just to get back to the boss’ lair to hopefully grab your lost souls before the boss kills you yet again. Not cool.


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