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Dark Soul 2: Crown Of The Sunken King – How To Beat Sinh And Elana

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How to beat Elana, the Squalid Queen

You should rush towards Elana as soon as you enter the battle area, and try to damage her as much as you can. It will take a moment before she attacks, and this will be a good chance for you to inflict a large amount of damage before her health bar even shows. When you get close to Elana, she will summon skeleton helpers, and is going to use her spear and various flame attacks.

When her skeleton helpers appear, back away from them for you to avoid being ambushed. You should try to ignore these annoying skeletons for the most part, unless of course they run directly at you. Keep in mind that you should stay on the move to steer clear of Elana?s ranged spells, and carefully make your way towards her. Attack her from behind and try to stay there to dodge most her attacks.

Elana vanishes from time to time, and she usually uses a spell when she reappears. Although most of her spells are deadly, they also take a decent amount of time to cast, which will give you a chance to damage her before moving to dodge her attack. If you focus enough and move continuously, you?ll be able to beat her easily.

Once the Squalid Queen has been defeated, the huge door behind her will open. Enter it and you will reach a bonfire. Beyond the doorway that leads to a huge open field, you will face the Slumbering Dragon, Sinh.


How to beat Sihn, the Slumbering Dragon

Sinh fights just like any other dragon bosses in Dark Souls 2. Start the battle by hitting his feet, but when he flies into the air above you, move quickly to dodge the fire breath that is very much likely to follow. It would be best to stay under him or behind him to avoid the fire he makes, and ready yourself to attack once Sinh lands. However, you should move away if he?s about to land and you?re still underneath him to avoid being damaged.

Once he flies away from you, he will likely dive towards you, so you need to act fast and dodge his attack as soon as you see him dive. When he stands using his hind legs, it means that he?s about to breath fire in front of him. This is going to be the perfect opportunity to make your way towards Sihn and attack his tail or legs.

While you?re attacking his legs, carefully observe and move away from him immediately after he is done with whatever attack he is doing. Also, do not keep your guard down because Sihn can quickly turn around, and if you?re behind him when he does that, you will take a moderate amount of damage. The key in defeating the Slumbering Dragon is to move in and attack as quickly as possible when he is in the middle of a lengthy attack, and immediately move out of harm?s way before he finishes his attack.


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