?Daredevil Season 2? Update: Photo Shows New Hero Costume, Elektra Set To Appear?

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We got some new updates for the second season of the Netflix exclusive Daredevil series, and some of it include the new costume for the good ol? hornhead.

Although not much information were revealed about the second season, we managed to get a glimpse on the new costume for Daredevil, in a Twitter post, the official Tweet page of Daredevil shared the photo of the costume, now having a combination of red and black accent and getting the same armored treatment similar with the other Marvel heroes in the Cinematic Universe, plus another photo shared by Twitter user @RuhailAli showing the costume being worn, as the caption would say ?Looking vibrant as ever.?

In the first season, Daredevil wore a black clothed outfit with a black bandana to cover his upper head and eyes, the design was a homage to the 1993 Man Without Fear storyline by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.


A concept art was previously featured by Marvel showing the new costume, but featured a much darker red and black color scheme, or it is probably due to the lighting that made the costume look darker.

Elektra To Appear?

There?s also a very big chance that Daredevil will face Elektra (Elodie Young), and other likely members of The Hand, or a clan of deadly ninjas. Elektra is supposed to be the love interest of Daredevil in the comics, but because of her mercenary persona, they eventually separated, said an article from IBT UK.

The Punisher

In our previous article, we also shared the appearance of The Punisher in the series. Yep, Entertainment blog Just Jared managed to get some photos straight out of the series? shooting in New York. Check out the photos from the set featuring Jon Bernthal (much known to many on his roles in The Walking Dead, Fury and The Wolf of Wall Street) as the Punisher taking out an actor playing as a thug with a chokehold.

Picking Jon Bernthal to become Frank Castle is a good choice especially on the roles he take where he is more of a quick-tempered character and an intimidating physique.


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