?Daredevil? Season 2 Spoilers: Matt and Foggy To End Friendship?

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They say that one of the hardest relationships to break is true friendship.

But what if you learned something bad about your friend, would you still consider him a true friend and accept him? Or is it friendship over?

Well, expect a falling out between Matt and Foggy in ?Daredevil? Season 2.

According to TV Guide as posted in a Christian Today article, very good friends Matt Murdock, acted out by Charlie Cox and Foggy Nelson, portrayed by Elden Henson, might be cutting ties soon.

Why? Well we know about Foggy learning that his friend Matt is the ?Daredevil? after finding his friend all bloodied up in his home. This revelation will then be causing friction and conflicts between the two.

“Daredevil” executive Doug Petrie revealed that though Foggy loves Matt, he can?t hide his fears for his friend and because of him, and like any normal person, you tend to think first of your personal safety. ?’I’ll be with you, but there’s a point when your behavior is un-endorsable. And for the good of both our mental healths, I’m getting out of here,'” Petrie said, speaking of the point of view of Foggy, as published in the article.

But it won?t be easy for the two to just move on and forget what kind of friendship they once had. Reports revealed that Foggy will still play a ?dramatic role? in the personal life of Matt but he is not going to be the latter?s sidekick in fighting crimes.

Ecumenical News further shared that the fallout between Foggy and Matt might have a big impact on the latter?s action when he goes out to fight against crime. And this might create problems when Matt meets Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), who is known to be The Punisher, and another villain known as Elektra (Elodie Yung).

We just hope Foggy won?t be killed off in the next season, most especially because of his friendship with Matt. Catch “Daredevil” season 2 on March 18.

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