Danganronpa 3 Hope Side Spoilers: The Perfect Ending; Hajime Hinata is Back?

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Danganronpa 3 Hope Side Spoilers

Future Episode 12 continues from when Ryota receives a message from Kazuo Tengan. The message is a video of Tengan revealing that he was behind the killing game. Ryota breaks down for a moment but then finds the resolve to face Despair head on. He admits to Asahina and Naegi that Junko used his animation techniques to create a Despair Video that brainwashes people into becoming Despair. With the wristlets destroyed and the killing game over, Ryota boldly says he will not run away anymore. Here are more of the Future episode 12 recap and Danganronpa 3 Hope Side spoilers.

Ryota?s Hope

Ryota is now able to use his forbidden action and that is using his talent. He reveals that he has one last video up his sleeve and that is ?Hope Video?. It’s a?video that can make people follow Hope. Ryota decides to broadcast this to the entire world and he won?t allow anyone to stop him. He shows the Hope Video to Asahina to temporarily control her and restrain Naegi as he heads to the broadcasting room. He also uses the same method with the soldiers to assist him in executing his plan.

Tengan?s Hope

Tengan appears in a flashback. While at the Future Foundation Camp, Chisa hands him two flash drives. One is Junko?s Despair Video and the other is the Suicide Video. In this scene, Chisa reveals to Tengan that it was Ryota?s techniques that was used to create these videos, suggesting as well that they recruit him to the foundation.

Back in the present time, upon the arrival of Kyosuke, Naegi soon realizes that Tengan masterminded the killing game to play Ryota into using his Hope Video to cure the world from Despair. Tengan?s dying message was meant for the Ultimate Animator after all, not Naegi. To confirm this, they recall as well that Ryota was not suppose to even be part of the game.

The group then stumbles upon Ryota?s brainwashed soldiers, injuring Asahina and causing Kyosuke to confront them to let the two escape. Naegi leaves Asahina in a room while he goes out to explore on his own. He gets cornered by another group of soldiers but luckily, Byakuya and his men show up together with Yasuhiro.

While in the movie theater, Junko teased Chisa for playing Tengan and Kyosuke. She made them go against each other, destroying the Future Foundation.

Danganronpa 3 Hope Side Spoilers

The story continues on Danganronpa 3 Hope Side where we would perhaps see Ryota, acting as the final antagonist of this series.

Danganronpa 3 Hope Side

This episode will be aired on September 29, 2016 to conclude Danganronpa 3, both Future Arc and Despair Arc. It is said that Hope Side will serve as the perfect ending to the Hope?s Peak Academy Saga.

Rumor has it that the figure who appeared in the end is Hajime Hinata. What do you think?

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