Danganronpa 3 Future Episode 12 Spoiler: Juzo Dies a Hero; Tengan is the Final Villain?

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Danganronpa 3 Future Episode 12 Spoiler

Episode 11 opens with a flashback that takes place after the first game, when Naegi and the other survivors were about to leave Hope?s Peak. Kyosuke confirms that Junko was the monster all along. An eerie smile from Chisa shows that she has been fooling Kyosuke all along. Who is the remnant of Despair? Here is an episode 11 recap and Danganronpa 3 Future episode 12 spoilers.

No attacker?

Asahina reveals that based on Kyoko?s notebook, there is really no attacker. The deaths were all suicide. They came up with a conclusion that the monitors had something to do with it, whatever is shown on these screens would probably trigger the suicide. To prove their theory, Naegi sets himself up in front of a monitor to identify what made the others commit suicide. As an assurance, he gets tied up to prevent him from killing himself.

Naegi should die

Naegi wakes up to a pre-recorded video of Monokuma and suddenly finds himself in a strange place. Kyoko and Sayaka appear tormenting him with the question why are you alive Naegi? The rest of their deceased classmates appear and taunt Naegi until he goes berserk.

It?s a brainwashing technique once again and Naegi?s eyes turn into swirls. We soon find out how the killings happen, a knife falls to the floor, forcing each one to kill themselves just to end the mental pain.

Juzo?s Hope

Naegi was ready to stab himself when Juzo comes and grabs him by the neck. Naegi returns to his sane self. After confirming the killing process, Naegi proposes to end the game by destroying all the monitors in the building. He invites Juzo to join them but Juzo had other plans. (Perhaps he was still bitter after being abandoned by Kyosuke)

In the hopes of redeeming himself, Juzo goes to the power control room and tries to shut down all the power until his last breath. Saving Kyosuke was his goal since he lied about Junko and was filled with guilt and regret. Kyosuke runs to him. However, it was too late as he was bleeding to death from when he cut off his hand. Kyosuke sees a lifeless Juzo and fails to make amends with him.

Danganronpa 3 Future Episode 12 Spoiler

Kazuo Tengan

This episode also reveals that Tengen is the only one who has power to modify the Future Foundation?s building. Is he Despair? Was he the one behind the game?

Naegi questions Ryota, being that he was the ultimate animator, if he was the creator of the video. Ryota says it wasn?t him. However, he admits that Junko used his ability. The episode ends with Ryota receiving a text message from Tengan.

With only 5 survivors left, Danganronpa 3 Future Episode 12 will delve more into Tengan?s role in this game.

Somewhere, the mastermind of it all is probably just chilling and relaxing while the game takes place. It will surely be a big twist if Tengan turns out to be the final villain. Rumor has it that Tengan is Junko?s grandfather, which explains why she was able to enter Hope?s Peak Academy. Could Junko have known about the Kamakura project all along?

Let?s all find out in Danganronpa 3 Future Episode 12.

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