Danganronpa 3 Despair Episode 11 Spoilers and Episode 10 Recap: Izuru Betrays Junko

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The slow and painful death of Chiaki Nanase in Despair episode 10 was both chilling and heartbreaking. Despair was literally transported from the screens to our hearts. Here is a recap and Danganronpa 3 Despair episode 11 spoilers.

Juzo Sakakura?s secret

In episode 10, we see Juzo sprawled on the floor looking really tired, with Junko hovering over him. A battalion of Junko?s reserve students seemed to have overpowered Juzo during the fight.

Junko blackmails Juzo, revealing that she knows his secret. Junko was able to find out that Juzo had feelings for Kyosuke Munakata. She threatens Juzo that she will tell Kyosuke his secret if Juzo doesn?t do what she says. Juzo, left with no other choice, agrees.

Juzo is now a traitor for letting Junko go. The Future Foundation and Kyosuke will soon find out that he is now working for her, perhaps in Danganronpa 3 Despair episode 11.

Chiaki?s hope

The Ultimate Gamer is led into a trap by her beloved teacher, Chisa. They were supposed to meet the rest of the class but instead, Chisa pushes her inside an elevator that went down to a lair. Junko appears on screen, informing Chiaki what she had done to Chisa and that she is the final piece needed to complete her despair video. This video will completely make the entire class fall into despair.

Chiaki needs to go through a maze full of traps. She gets hit, cut, and stabbed several times. However, even though Chiaki is in so much pain and is losing so much blood, she continues on. Chiaki is confident that Junko cannot beat her and that her friends as well would not lose to Junko.

Chiaki reaches a door with ?GOAL? sign (and we?re like yay! She did it!).?Chiaki?opens it and sees her classmates and Chisa, all smiling at her. She moves forward to reunite with them. But another step from Chiaki destroys the illusion and a speeding spear goes through her chest. Falling backwards, a bed of spears shoots up from the floor impaling her entire body. WTH!?

Danganronpa 3 Despair Episode 11

Chiaki’s Death

Little does she know that in another room, her whole class was forced to watch Junko?s live torture video starring Chiaki. After a while the spears retracted, dropping her lifeless body on the floor. ?Her entire class all became like Chisa, with swirly eyes that indicate they have been despair-ified.

Izuru?s hope?

Chiaki proved to be a very resilient gamer. Despite her grieving state, she holds on to her last hp as Izuru steps in the room.

In Danganronpa 3 Despair episode 11 spoilers, we can expect Izuru to betray Junko as he plans to use her like she used him.

Chiaki?s final attempt was to reach out to Izuru, apologising to him for not being able to help him, saying that she loves him and all of them. She tells him that she doesn?t want to die. The episode ends with Izuru holding on to Chiaki?s hairclip as tears fill his eyes.

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