Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Spoilers: Bindi Irwin On The Road To Winning Competition? Tops Week 7 As A Sultry Vampire Queen

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Bindi Irwin shined once again on Monday?s ?Dancing With the Stars? Halloween episode. The charming wild-life conservationist was transformed to a sultry vampire queen and danced the Argentine Tango with partner Derek Hough to the song “Cry Little Sister” from the 1987 horror classic??The Lost Boys?, her best number yet as dubbed by The New York Daily News.

Irwin is the only contestant who has been able to keep high scores and obtained her second high score for the season, the first when she and Hough dazzled viewers when they did their ?Dirty Dancing? routine.

?All hail the queen of darkness, Miss Bindi!,? said judge Carrie Ann Inaba after the duo?s riveting performance. “I never in a million years thought that Halloween night was the night you would shine your brightest,” added Inaba as Irwin flashed her prosthetic fangs.

?What I had to tell her this week, I was like, ?All right, Bindi. You?ve done the fun performance, the smiles and all that, I need you to get fierce,??Hough?told E! News, adding that he was about to tell Bindi to unleash her sexy side but it ?felt awkward.? ?I immediately retracted that. I was like, ?I can?t say that word in front of Bindi. That sounds weird to me.? ?

Hough further said that Irwin said she had to think of a tiger and a shark to channel her inner ferociousness.

“This is my first real Halloween because we really don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, so it’s really exciting,” she told E! News. “I’m a little bit nervous because I don’t do well with scary movies or being scared in general, so I think on Halloween, the actual night, I’m probably just going to be at home with my family drinking tea and locking the doors.”

The competition’s youngest star, 15-year old Hayes Grier, was eliminated on the same night.

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