?Dancing With The Stars? Season 23 Spoilers: Erin Andrews Goes on Leave, Kym Johnson Takes Her Spot

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Dancing with the Starts Episode 23 Spoilers
Dancing with the Starts Episode 23 Spoilers

Erin Andrews is going AWOL on week three of Dancing With the Stars to console her boyfriend?s recent loss. Will Tom Bergeron be flying solo when Andrews goes absent this week?

The Tragic Tale

Tom revealed last Sunday just why Andrews will be taking her abrupt leave. It was tweeted that Andrews? boyfriend, Jarret Stoll, had suffered a sudden loss in his family.

Stoll?s nephew had passed away. There?s no word out on how Stoll?s nephew died and everyone is keeping quiet for the time being.

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Andrews, being a supportive girlfriend, will be taking a leave from the show in order to be there for Stoll. Bergeron had sent his condolences and support to both Andrews and Stoll.

If there?s a silver lining to the story, it?s that Andrews feels the understanding and love from her Dancing With the Stars family. She even tweeted thanks and that she looks forward to returning on the show soon.

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The Temporary Replacement

Bergeron?s been on the show for some time now. He can definitely hold his own as he mans the stage before Andrew?s return. But the network has a backup in store for him.

Bergeron will have a guest host join him on the stage. And the guest host is none other than Kym Johnson!

With Johnson temporarily holding down the fort for Andrews, the network might take advantage of the situation. They might bring up some new escapades for week three with Johnson.

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There?s no word out yet on when Andrews will be returning to Dancing With the Stars. But odds are, she won?t take too long.

She?s taken a few breaks in the past and had Leah Remini cover for her. Hopefully Andrews bounces back quickly and no new tragic developments follow.


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