Dance Moms Season 7 Updates: Nia Frazier Quitting Show? Jojo Siwa Stays

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The fate of the reality dance show, Dance Moms Season 7, is still uncertain and rumors about more dancers quitting the show has been going around on the web for some time. Following the departure of star dancer, Maddie Ziegler and sister Mackenzie, other rising stars, Nia Sioux Frazier and Jojo Siwa are allegedly quitting the show as well. But recent reports say that Jojo will stay and Nia will be the one leaving. Are these rumors true?

Nia has been invited to perform at the broadway show, Trip of Love in New York and according to Inquisitr, the dancer is very excited for the opportunity. She said, ?I can?t wait to move to NY with my mom this month and then hit the stage in July! This is going to be the best summer ever!?

Aside from performing in a broadway show, Nia will also be starring in a new feature film and has been attending voice and acting lessons every week to prepare for the role. Looks like she?s going to have a lot on her plate this year.

Meanwhile, Jojo recently reunited with her teammates, Design & Trend reports, but it is still not certain if she will still join the Abby Lee Dance Company?s Junior Elite Team. The young dancer was spotted with her mom at a Finding Dory premiere in Los Angeles, and on the next day, she joined her teammates at the Disney #MXYZ launch party. However, last Saturday, Siwa wasn?t around during the filming for an ElectroKicks commercial.

While the internet is abuzz with rumors of these dancers leaving the show, the more important question is, will there still be a show? There have been many reports that the reality dance show will end in Season 6 though Abby Lee Miller has been reportedly training Brynn Rumfallo to be the ?next Maddie.? But despite these efforts, the show might still not survive especially with Miller facing a slew of legal troubles.

The Zieglers are getting more and more opportunities to share their talent to the world and Nia and Jojo might just follow suit.

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