Dance Moms Season 7 Update: Jojo Siwa Confirms She’s not Leaving

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Despite the projected rocky relationship between Jojo Siwa and controversial coach Abby Lee Miller, it looks like the former has no plans of leaving Dance Moms and the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC). In a recent report by People, Jojo Siwa subtly shut down every single rumor that may have affected her relationship with ALDC saying, she?s really not done yet stealing the show. She also added ?This season will be a lot of fun.?

Jojo Siwa is one of the likely candidates to take the place of Maddie Ziegler when she left ALDC in Season 6. But Dance Moms season 6 has not been easy for everyone, including Miller and the Ziegler sisters who decided to leave the show after season 6 wrapped up. Siwa?s relationship with Miller hasn?t been all good as well. The latest was about Miller?s apparent disappointment with Siwa after she failed to join the Fierce National dance Competition in Calabasas.

The day the girls went ahead with the competition, Jojo Siwa posted her own Memorial Day weekend photo, enjoying the pool. It didn?t take long before Miller posted a photo of the whole team during the competition and captioned it ?These girls certainly were not at the pool today.?

Asked whether she?s confident on her talent and style, she answered ?I should be on Broadway. You have to sing, you have to dance, you have to speak well, and I’m good at all of those!” That?s a lot of confidence, but of course, it?s one of the many things you have to have in the Dance Moms competition. Or else, you?ll consign yourself to the lower rungs of the competition.

Jojo Siwa?s confirmation that she?s stating for Dance Moms Season 7 apparently stops the bleeding of some of the original cast leaving the show. Rumors suggest Chloe Lukasiak may eventually return, but none of those rumors have been confirmed by Lukasiak?s camp.

What have you heard about Dance Moms Season 7 and their latest team lineup? Would you like to see the return of Chloe Lukasiak on the show as well? Don?t miss the exciting revelations on Dance Moms Season 7 by reading on TheBitBag.com.

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