Dance Moms Season 7 Spoilers: Chloe Lukasiak?s Possible Return Remains Bleak

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The Abby Lee Dance Company has started losing its original cast members way before Maddie Ziegler and her sister Mackenzie left in Dance Moms Season 6. The show sure needs a new face to represent Dance Moms Season 7 this year. Will Chloe Lukasiak be that person? Lukasiak recently posted an Instagram photo that hints she?s leaving Studio 19 soon. But it was never confirmed whether she?s going to appear on Dance Moms Season 7.

Chloe Lukasiak left Dance Moms several seasons before Maddie Ziegler did. At the time, the two competitors considered each other BFFs until career and the high demands of ALDC set them apart. In a recent interview with Lukasiak, fans can?t help but read some sort of negative comments about her former teammate Maddie when she hinted that the latter was eventually consumed by having to win every competition instead of just enjoying the show.

While Maddie?s work ethics seem to be an advantage, Lukasiak can?t help but express how she definitely lost the fun part of the show. Despite Abby Miller confirming Dance Moms Season 7 on Lifetime, news about Chloe Lukasiak?s return remains bleak. Neither the company or Chloe Lukasiak have released a statement confirming her casting of the show.

Chloe Lukasiak still might return. After all, she had proven herself when she left the show winning the Teen Choice Dancer Award in 2015 and still getting nominated for the same category this year. She shares the nomination alongside former teammates Kalani Hilliker and Maddie Ziegler.


While rumors suggest that Lukasiak may return for Dance Moms Season 7, others believe that she already has the year full in her calendar. That said, she may possibly do a cameo on Dance Moms Season 7. Meanwhile, the return of the new Dance Moms season was a bit of a surprise given how showrunner Abby Lee Miller had to face fraud charges during the off season. Somehow, she?s able to pull a few stops in order to secure a spot in the Lifetime network.

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