Dance Moms Season 7 Spoilers: 9-year-old Lily Lary from Rome Studio Tries Out for the Show

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The latest on Dance Moms Season 7 spoilers begins with a possible newcomer: Lily Lary from Dance Works of Rome. When Dance Moms matriarch Abby Lee Miller held tryouts in Atlanta, the ALDC made sure to contact Dance Works of Rome owner Emily McKnight. Upon receiving the call, she took Lily Lary, 9, with her and headed to Atlanta for the try outs.

McKnight was confident and believes the quality of her studio has been one of the reasons why the Dance Moms team contacted her. In her statement, she said ?With all the competitions we are involved in annually, I assume that?s why we?re getting the invitations.?

Lily, on the other hand, expressed her nervousness during the tryouts and said all of their girls were given a routine that they will perform once their numbers were called. The fourth grader from West End Elementary School was starstruck when she saw Miller and the rest of her Dance Moms idols. She also said that she enjoyed Miller talking about her life and Dance Moms.

Luckily for Miller, the Dance Works participants didn?t see her as the harsh, impatient coach they see on TV; and here?s hoping it will stay that way on Dance Moms Season 7. After the auditions, Miller was noted to be very accommodating and open to all of the participants and attendees. At one point, McKnight said ?After auditions, we were allowed to stay and converse with Abby. She was very candid about the beginnings of the show and what direction it?s going now. She offered to take pictures with the dancers, and even offered to take a selfie with me after I couldn?t get my camera to work properly.?

Despite the positive experience on auditioning for Dance Moms Season 7, neither Lily nor Emily have any confirmed details whether the former managed to grab a spot or not. Meanwhile, it seems that the rumors about Chloe Lukasiak returning to the show has met its dead end. As Dance Moms Season 7 premieres on Lifetime this Tuesday, Lukasiak?s camp has not given any information whether she?s returning or not.
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