Dance Moms Maddie Ziegler Looks Like A Different Person As A Teen Now

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This Maddie Ziegler 2016 news will delight fans: the young dancer will finally appear in So You Think You Can Dance on Monday.
Maddie Ziegler will finally appear on So You Think You Can Dance on Monday.

Since Maddie Ziegler was two, she has been performing with the Abby Lee Dance Company. At eight, she was part of the 2011 show, Dance Moms. Then Ziegler appeared in Sia’s “Chandelier” music video when she turned 11 years old. Three years since then, she graced the cover of a popular fashion magazine for teens and she looks like a completely different person. She is entirely unrecognizable without her signature wig.

Ziegler is now 14 years old and her future only seems to get brighter. She has grown into a beautiful young girl. She is all grown up and finally hung up her iconic blonde hairpiece.

Aside from the music video for “Chandelier,” she also starred with Sia for the “Elastic Heart,” ?Big Girls Cry,? and ?Cheap Thrills.? Sia is known for her numerous hits over the years. She said it was a dream to hire Ziegler for her music videos.

When Ziegler was asked about the music video ?she did with Sia, the young girl admitted that she really had no clue about what she was getting into. She said she knew the songs of Sia and she thought she would be a background dancer. She also confessed that she thought she would be swaying from a chandelier.

?Chandelier? earned one billion views, turning Ziegler into a superstar.

Ziegler has so much to look forward to while fans are looking forward to see what she will be doing next. She possesses an extraordinary talent in dancing and she would most likely pursue this course while doing occasional magazine covers.

There is also a huge chance that she would explore acting. She was recently seen on TV shows Austin & Ally and Pretty Little Liars.

Gone is the skinny kid running around an abandoned house. She is now a stunning teenage girl whose star could only keep on shining. That?s how Dance Moms? Ziegler defined metamorphosis.

Ziegler has undoubtedly transformed into a lovely lady who we imagine will be on our radar for more years to come.

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