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Dance Central: Your Gaming Workout

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When you are a gamer and you hear the word ?exercise?, a few of us would rather grind our character than do any physical activity. Sure, a few years ago we have that dance simulation game called Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up. Those games can really help you get fit, but sadly, the only part of your body that is moving are your legs. Dance Central is a game where you REALLY move your body to the rhythm and dance to your favorite pop and hip-hop song.

Dance Central was developed by non-other than, Harmonix, the same creator of the famous music rhythm game Guitar Hero and Rock band. The first installment of the game was released in November 2010 followed by the second in 2011 and the third installment of the game in 2012. ?Dance Central is only exclusive for Xbox 360 but in order for you to play the game, you must have Kinect, a motion input device developed by Microsoft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

There are over 5 modes to choose from.

  • Perform it ?? a regular single-player mode. The only objective here is to have a high score and perform, complete and copy the dance routine of your avatar.
  • Workout mode ? same as perform it, the only difference is on this mode you get to see the calories that you burned, there is also a workout timer.
  • Dance Battle ? or versus mode, where players compete for the highest score and show their moves.
  • Challenge mode ? where four or five songs are combined into one. Not just the songs though even their steps!
  • Break it down ? or practice mode. Ideally for beginners who are new to the game or just want to learn advanced steps of the song.

This game is not only fun you can also learn how to dance and get physically fit. The songs that they feature here are all from well-known and famous artists. There are 32 built-in songs and downloadable contents to choose from and available online.

You can play Dance Central?alone or with your friends but it is highly recommended that you invite your buddies and go have a wonderful time!

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Photo source: Dance Central Facebook Page

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