Damn Daniel: Know The Guy Behind The Viral Vid That’s Breaking The Internet

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Damn Daniel

If you are wondering why everyone around you is saying ?Damn, Daniel? even if there?s no one named Daniel within a ten-mile radius then you probably haven?t seen the latest viral video which has been spreading all over the internet.

The 30-second video which has caused an internet frenzy shows a boy named Daniel strutting around in different outfits looking cool with his friend shouting ?Damn, Daniel? every time he is shown on camera. After the video went viral, many people have used the phrase ?Damn, Daniel? either to give a stamp of approval of their friend?s outfits or just simply to annoy them.

So who exactly is Daniel? Well, according to Hollywood Life the boy in the video is named Daniel Lara. He is a high school student who is attending Riverside High School in California. The video was actually shot by his best friend Joshua Holz and the latter also posted the video on Twitter last February 15. Since then, the short clip has been retweeted more than 200,000 times which is certainly a big reason why people from all over the world have been shouting ?Damn, Daniel? over and over again.

The ?Damn, Daniel? video has become so viral that there?s actually already a song about it. According to the same Hollywood Life Report, Rappers Little, Teej and LeBlanc went ahead and made a song from the viral video. You can check it out via Soundcloud if you too are ?Damn, Daniel? crazy.

Josh and Daniel were surprised at how their short video became an internet sensation. Daniel tweeted ??Josh, and I are stoked by all this. Thank you guys @josholzz,? referencing to how all the people liked and retweeted the video. To find out more about Daniel, you can follow him on Twitter @daniel_laraa.

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